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Nice writeup Bob!

Hey finless.... I too am finless

The only advantages (from my experience) it ever gives is:
a: FFF in calm conditions, like in a gym. The tail tracks better.
b: It protects the tail rotor, good to have if you do a lot of nose-in spot landings...

It helps with orientation too I guess but now that I have been practicing slow piro hover in the sim and on my 450 for a few months I have found that the tail fin no longer does anything for me in the orientation department... So I guess a more accurate statement would be 'It helps with orientation when you are learning'.

Another note:

What about the swash hub? I developed up/down play (in relation to the bearing) there after only a few crashes which further amplified the effect that the grommets/o-rings reduce. Carefully cutting the lip off and gluing it down to the inner race of the swash bearing further reduced slop in the head.
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