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Jimi Wishbone
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Hi fellow SR owners, my first post on the forum. Glad so many people like the SR, I love mine despite the bad things some people write about them.
Been teaching myself to fly helis since January after flying planes for a while and buying a Lama coax a few years ago and losing interest with it.
Like a lot of you I've worked up from an mSR, 120sr to my SR and I have a 400 I've been setting up too, my gf is buying me an mCPX as soon as they're back in stock for my birthday, so you could say I'm hooked!
Here's an action shot of my SR still with TG fitted, today I graduated to some bigger landing gear, Blade400 skids with Twister 3D storm struts, they're identical to 400 struts, just black, my LHS didn't have genuine Blade ones in stock. I think they look pretty cool!
It's also got carbon CP Pro blades, but otherwise stock.

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