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Hello there it is me again. I want to say that you guys do some pretty amazing stuff with this equipment. I have been trying to set up my radio to my GY 701 but to no avail. Right now I am trying to get the gov. to work right. The problem is I am setting up my head speeds to the idle up modes normal idle 1 & 2 but when I do the head speeds keep changing. Like I set N to 1750 I-1 to 1850 and I-2 to 2020 but when I switch back from I-2 to N it is no longer set at 1750 it is more like 1930 and the same goes for the rest of the flight modes. Plus I cannot get it to show the numbers for the flight modes like 1,2,3 it either stays at 3 or 2 will not show 1 like when I had my JR X9303. When I had that radio set up every thing worked like it was suppose to. Any help will be greatly appreciated. If I cannot get this radio to work I guess I will sell it and go back to my JR X9303.
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