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It is very easy to setup gov and gyro if they are both Futaba, I would guess that there is a problem in communicating gain from your tx to the 701, I'd guess you are setting speed on the 701 then the tx is overriding it. Check your tx gov channel is allocated to the same channel that your 701 gov gain is plugged into, usually channel 7, either physically if non sbus or by allocation via the 701 sbus menu iif using sbus - go into Function menu and check where gov is allocated, usually channel 7, then check the gov gain lead of the 701 is plugged into that on Rx. Setup your speed settings on the tx via the gov menu and set the gov switch via throttle stick position oy by and switch usually on channel 8.

Have you watched my 701 setup vids? My next vid on the 750 will be setting up the 8FG for gov and rudder
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