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Update after another Sunday of flying this thing almost non-stop. In fact this is the only heli I flew all Sunday. Was working on inverted piro circles and making great progress.

As I posted in the first post I went to a solid CF boom. People pointed out that doing this can now break your frame. I crashed bunches of times and well, I did not break the frame but did crash right on the tail hard and it did bend the plastic back end area off center a bit. It was easily straightened out. But I could see crashing just the right way hard onto the tail and breaking the frame. So I can see that it is possible to break the frame with a solid rod.. However, I am still sticking with the CF rod though.

OK so I noticed that while doing a forward flight roll into inverted forward flight the heli wanted to break into a hover and I had to pull back elevator once I got inverted to stay in forward flight. Clearly this is a CG issue. So I broke the tabs off the pack and moved the pack all the way forward in the landing gear pack holder. WOW... made a big difference.
This little heli is very sensative to even small changes in weight distribution. The CF rod absolutly changed the CG enough that the heli was effected.

Just some more stuff I learned this weekend

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