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Originally Posted by Finless View Post

OK so I noticed that while doing a forward flight roll into inverted forward flight the heli wanted to break into a hover and I had to pull back elevator once I got inverted to stay in forward flight. Clearly this is a CG issue. So I broke the tabs off the pack and moved the pack all the way forward in the landing gear pack holder. WOW... made a big difference.
This little heli is very sensative to even small changes in weight distribution. The CF rod absolutly changed the CG enough that the heli was effected.

Just some more stuff I learned this weekend

Right on Bob! The CoG is a MAJOR factor in the performance department with this heli... I have been experimenting with this alternate battery location for just that reason; you would be surprised at the difference it makes with respect to rolls and flips. This raises the center of mass by roughly 15% (rough estimate) but can only be done if the boom has been extended; otherwise it brings the CoG too far forward.

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