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Originally Posted by Mercuriell View Post
Been hearing good things about this radio for a while - with the recent release of v3 of its firmware update with enticing goodies like multiple gyro control, ready for the Futaba FBL GY750 and stick calibration I had to get one to check out

FIrst video is an overview and updating the firmware - plan to follow by review of the menu functions, some of the new features - like swash end travel trimming and then a complete A-Z set up on one of my helis - probably the Furion 450 for starters - maybe Bob will chip in with his vast Futaba expertise and experience

Video 1 - Futaba T8FG transmitter - overview and firmware update - wmv 81MB

Video 2 - Futaba T8FG - Navigation of Menus - wmv - 54MB

Video 3 - New Features in v3 Firmware upgrade of T8FG transmitter - wmv - 44 MB

Sir thanks for these videos. Can you create a video how to get a switch so I can switch between rate mode and hh? I'm stuck on that and so I'm sure many starter would be stuck on that one. I'm not a begginer yet I don't understand how to setup a switch for switching to use either rate or hh it's very important when setting up a gyro on some gyro. Thanks
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