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Just thought id put some info in here myself being a newbee.. For the servo jitters instead ov taking them apart i just blew em out with 155Lbs ov air with my aircompressore and workd greate.. also lengthend my boom by 1 inch and big diffrence.. the srock battery looses power after 2 minuts and the hyperion 240 didnt do much better.. Stuch a thunderpower 325 45C and wow she came to life with no weight isues.. now i get 8 minut flights with 6 minuts full power.. U could probably use a 400mah if they make one .. But for now its thunderpower for me all the way.. Also got a 325 65C on the way doubt it will make much difrence but will let u all know.. I also use deans micro connectors and can tell a big diffrence in power and performance too.

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