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Default What helped the most while learning?

Spending a couple of weeks on orientations and piro hovering has dramatically increased my skill. I seem to be going down the route of practice first on sim then work with the helicopter ( mCPx at the moment. ) While I'm working on the helicopter I tend to just have fun on the sim doing things way beyond my skill level. Now that I've got my orientations down and can zip the little mCPx around my house fairly crash free, I think it's time to move onto something new in the sim.

So what type of practice techniques seem to help the most, and what should I work on next?

Kind of torn between working on sideways and backwards flight or inverted hovering. Got my FFF down in the sim with combiations of rolls and flips and will probably start working on that stuff outdoors. Can do something that could liberally be described as a tic toc in the sim, but I think I might be getting ahead of my self there.
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