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Originally Posted by Finless View Post
Canopy pins. Would love to see Horizon change this design. Buying a frame for broken canopy pins is a pain. However I broke a front canopy pin. For now I just epoxied it back on using some micro balloons in the epoxy mix to strengthen the build up around the break. I know it's going to break off easy at some point but good enough till then.
Thanks for collecting all of this in one place Bob.

Here's a suggestion for fixing canopy pins. I've done this going back to my mSR and it seems to work pretty well.

1) Get a straight pin, grab it with a small pair of pliers, heat it in the flame on your stove, and use it to make a hole about 1/4" deep in the end of the canopy pin. Push it in and then remove it several times if you have to. Be careful not to get it too hot or it will melt the entire pin rather than just making a hole. See the 1st and 2nd photos. It's hard to see the hole in the 2nd but it's there (I got it a little too hot but it still worked).

2) Heat the pin again and this time make the mating hole in the frame. When you get it deep enough leave it in this time and let the plastic solidify around it. (3rd and 4th photos)

3) Clip the pin to the appropriate length to match the hole you previously made in the end of the canopy pin. (5th picture)

4) Get out your epoxy and glue the canopy pin over the straight pin as well as making a little bit of a "cast" around it. (6th picture)

It takes a bit of a steady hand but it's not hard to do if you are patient. I expect that the pin should give it a bit more structural strength than epoxy alone.
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