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Originally Posted by alexf1852 View Post
I read this article and lowered just my P gain to get rid of fast wag in FFF. But I still have a little fast wagging during fast inverted climbouts. Do I raise my A-gain? During normal fast climbouts, I don't see this short burst of wagging.

I'm using a Jive ESC.

Are you sure you have no mechanical binding? Perhaps in the extremes of your travel range?

If you're sure, then did you optimize your common gain per the above method via FFF/FBF or funnels before messing with other stuff? If not, then reset your P- and I-gains to 80 and 60, optimize, and then see if common gain affects the tail wag. If it has no effect over a large portion of the range, then check for binding again. The slightest bit can get you...

If you've optimized your common gain, you have no mechanical binding, AND if your wag in FFF went away by reducing P-gain, then I would suggest increasing your I-gain to combat the wag in punch-outs. Remember that I-gain represents the heading-hold portion of the tail control loop, so increasing it allows the tail to hold more aggressively against sudden load changes.

If you do change your I-gain though, be aware that you may need to adjust your precomps as well. I-gain and precomps are inversely proportional in effect. In other words, if you lower your I-gain (reduce the amount of overshoot you allow), then you need more precomp to get the same effect. Conversely, if you increase you I-gain, you may need to lower your precomp.

Once you get this far, do a quick recheck of your common gain value and then you should be ready to go! Good luck and let me know what you find!


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