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Originally Posted by OverTemp View Post
I just had to re-install my miniV I just put into a rebuild (moved from full-size to mini... like it clean)

Man it was a pain to get the glue off the shelf and vBar.

Straight now. When I initially installed it I forgot that the vertical to 45 degree piece on the top back of the frames in inset further than the rest of the molding... had about 3 degrees of clockwise rotation. All fixed up now!

Glad that you figured it out! You can either use Lego blocks to align your sensor per Frederik's suggestion or if you have something similar lying around in your heli stash, use that...I use a set of T-Rex 700N engine mounts (L-shaped aluminum brackets). They're thin and easy to slip into tight spaces and I find that it's a bit easier to double-side tape them down to form a little sensor "parking space" that the V-Bar just slides into.

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