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Ive got a manual dated April 2010. is this useful and if so how do I get it "out there"?
If you can read the bloken engrish...that is...

Im not so sure Im likin' this bird so much. The tail blade holders are loose and very sloppy. Theres only one bearinge per grip.... Is this the "new" set up or the "old" set up?
Remeber that movie "wag the dog" ? well waht about Wag the bird? I thought I had it covered but I was mistaken. This bird wanders to the left in headlock and wander to the right and REALLY wags when in normal mode. ~sigh~ Speaking of which. Im having difficulties with setting up the GS780 in combo with my DX7 Ive looked high and low for a thread or vid... and I cannot find anything.. so... I post it here... Haaaalp!! : ) please.

As well, Ive found a number of threadlocked/stripped screws (from the factory) that I cannot remove... ~sigh~ So how is a guy s'posed to dismantle this thing with out destroying original parts?

Someone, please tell me that I didnt make a mistake buying this machine. I Thought Align was a good , reliable and quality manufacturer. This 250 'o mine seems like it was slapped together and put into a fancy but tiny box. The bottom plate doesnt fit well and needed to be filed. (no biggy but....) some of the more important threads werent secured with Thrdlck and others were stripped and are not removable... What gives?
I spent good money on this thing.. - as another member so eloquently put it.
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