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Originally Posted by Besen View Post
I had a drift problem in HH and re-binding fixed it.
Yup - typically this happens when you have entered some trim on the rudder channel. If the rudder channel position differs from that which you bind with, then the gyro sees that trim as an off-center signal, like you're holding the stick a little off center, and it gives you the slow turn you're asking for.

Remove the trim from the rudder channel and re-bind - this should set the fail-safe and the operational center to be the same, so the gyro won't initialize with one value and then see another value after the radio connects.

The problem here is the value sent on the rudder channel during gyro initialization, which usually happens before the radio connects, causing the gyro to read the receiver's default value as the center of the channel. Then the radio connects and you're sending some different value, which is seen as a request to turn.
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