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Everyone is different but for me, the absolute most useful thing (especially when I began to move into - for me - for advanced moves) was to keep hammering orientations every time, without fail, even if you think you're all over it, and just keep on doing it. I'm nearly at 18 months in the hobby and don't really think about orientation anymore (except some inverted) but I still start every flight on the sim with a four-point hover, then a piro hover in both directions for as long as I can be bothered or until it turns pear-shaped. Then it's off to have fun/drill other things. Once I became more confident I added a few quick laps around the F3C box on Phoenix at least once in every practice session - doing it sideways taught me funnels. : )

I just think it has helped so much as when I learn more advanced tricks (like piroflips now - so hard!) orientation is never a problem. For example, I can do my messy half piroflips nose-in to see a different angle and don't have to worry about mapping stick movements first - it's more or less the same as tail-in.

So I;d hammer orientation constantly, even if you know you've got it down. Because you still get better, faster and more instinctive. : )
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