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Originally Posted by Epoweredrc View Post
maybe use with the stock boom could just cut a lil off the battery plastic thing to make it fly better?
Originally Posted by Vicovaludemero View Post
I think perhaps the question relates to Finless' post #24 where he found that taking the tabs off of the sides of the stock batteries so they can slide further forward helped compensate for a slight rearward CG shift that occurs with the extended/solid CF tailboom.

My experience is that the overall set-up is slightly nose heavy to begin with. If I pull the main gear down to disengage it from the pinion so the head/shaft can freewheel, install a battery, and then hold the heli on its side (main shaft horizontal) by the head, the nose tips down on mine (even with the extended tail boom). Thus I'm not sure I'd want to shift it further forward, particularly with the stock tailboom. Having said that, I'm not a skilled enough pilot that I'm doing the types of things Finless talked about and so I can't comment on whether mine seamlessly transitions from forward flight to forward inverted flight without excessive elevator stick correction! Someday......
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