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Just experiment till you find your sweet spot... and also keep in mind I said aerobatics, not 3D... for backwards or sideways flight a more balanced CoG is optimal. But the mCP X isnít really a "3D" heli, I know it all depends on ones definition of 3D, but nobody is doing Piro toc tocs with this thing so...

Personally, when I fly outdoors with a bit of wind I get that battery as far forward as I can, for indoors or calm conditions I keep it close to neutral with a bit of nose bias. I only make it truly balanced for precision slow flight. Also, itís nearly impossible to get it perfect with this little heli so donít go crazy over it but donít be afraid to play around with battery position.

Here is a fun little experiment and interesting piece of info... because of the 3 axis gyro, a nose heavy bird will want to drift backward more, thatís the gyro overcompensating... Perfectly balanced it will almost hands-off hover.
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