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Yep -- I've had many of those same days and nights lately so as former president Billy would say "I feel your pain..." Yeah, just walk away at that point.

BTW, +1 on all points you mentioned about the CF frame. It's a little pricey, but you'll forget about the $ once you get it. I haven't seen a frame that's finished as nice as this one. I took some pics the day I got it and posted here:

Also, be sure you see Big Fil's carbon fiber frame build thread here:

Lots of good info in that thread.

When you take the screws/bolts out just be sure to keep track of each one's location. You'll also have to take the tail belt drive pulley (wheels) from your other frame. Note that the documentation is pretty sparse too -- because it assumes that you know that you have to put together a 600. LOL! It's actually really easy though, especially after you go through Big Fil's thread.
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