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Default Review/Assembly KDE Trex Tail Upgrades

KDE has some new upgrades out which can be a little technical to install. The Trex700 tail control system and the Trex 550/600/700 High Performance tail upgrade.

KDE asked if I would review them and show you all how to install them on your Trex700. No problem! I love KDE stuff

So on with the show. The videos are in 3 parts.

VIDEO LINK -> Part 1 - KDE Trex Tail Disassembly and Assembly of the Upgrade Tail Slider (96 Megs)

VIDEO LINK -> Part 2 - KDE Trex Tail Control Upgrade Assembly (54 Megs)

VIDEO LINK -> Part 3 - KDE Trex550/600/700 Performance Tail Upgrade Assembly (50 Megs)

Enjoy folks!


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