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Hey Bob,

That was great, thank you for the videos! You did an excellent job explaining all the finer details of the install and noted all the things to watch out for during each step. It's easy to see why you are the leader of RC Helicopter videos, you have the talent.

I'll look into the Bearing Holder upgrade and the internal sleeve. As a quick note, rather than trying to use a Soldering Iron to heat the components, a Heat Gun or Butane Torch is a much easier method to use. The team and I simply use a Heat Gun (a cheap one purchased from a local hardware store used to heat shrink-tubing) to heat the Aluminum housing of the Bearing Holder. Once the Loctite gets to the right temperature, it will liquify and the bearings will pop out quite easily without having to damage the bearings. In a pinch, a Lighter also works well at the field.

Then, you can choose to use "The Greaser" to regrease the original bearings, or toss them aside and use the new ones supplied in the kit.
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