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r u running the 4100kv motor or the 3600? i'm guessing 4100?
Eflite 20A controller and 4100 motor

Originally Posted by wick246
Is flying your hobby as well?
Yes it. I have been flying one thing or another for 40 years.

From the looks of it, you are using the stock tail for the CP and just attaching the rotor directly to the motor.
Actually making the rotor not as far out on the tail, Correct????
Not exactly. We run the GWS EDP 50XC motor.

i've heard that john adam's or somebody has reversed the blade grips so that the leading edge is the control side and he said that collective was smoother. have you given that a try?
John Adams wrote in one of the latest heli mags. I have not tried it yet.
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