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Thumbs up Blade SR - a rookie's first CP heli

I'm new to flying CP heli's and really enjoying it with the SR. I've read lots of posts
with both positive and negative opinions on the SR and for me at least it has been
a good start to a really fun hobby! I actually own two SR's ... one I bought at an
estate sale, saw it sitting in the corner and no one showing any interest I bought
it for $40 w/TX. And as fate would have it the day I came home with it my girlfriend
was already home with a new SR for me as a gift. So I thought what the heck, it's
meant to be and I kept them both. One in stock blue/white and the other I changed
the canopy to red/org/white with orange tail fins. I also changed both to the B400
landing gear as many have as there wider which is good for the uneven ground in
my backyard.

I tried flying with the training gear but found them more trouble than they helped so
I dumped them and have had an easier time learning. Had one minor crash with
blue SR and it cost $12 to repair. The tail motor is not the best as many have noted
but for me at least it works ok as I'am flying in normal flight mode and will stay
there as I want to fly scale with a nice fuselage at some point. Which is not too
far off as I can now fly basic circles, figure eights, forward and backward flight as
well as general flight around the local park. The only other changes I've made to
both SR's is I removed the extra flybar weight they came with and the blue one
has plastic blades same size as the Blade woodie's. The one crash I had with blue
never even put a mark on the blades, although one of the replacement parts was
a new tail boom . Also upgraded the lipo batteries to Turnigy 3 cell 1300mah
from Hobby King and they work great, get a solid 11min in normal flight mode flying
around the local park. They fit perfect and are not overly heavy. Although I would
not consider anything bigger as they would be too heavy and would not likely fit
under the canopy.

I also fly using a DX6i which made learning much easier as you can program it to
tame the heli while learning. I started flying with 60% elev-aile and 70%rudder then
slowly as I got comfortable moved it up by 5% every week until now I'm at 90 across
the board. I don't use any expo I have it INH as I like the heli responsive, also set
the pitch curve in normal flight mode so I would have -2 at low stik - +6.5 at mid
stik - and +9.0 at high stik, and this for me at least has worked awesome.

Anyway...I've rambled on with my post so I'll end it with saying a big thank you
to all those who take the time to post excellent tips and tricks in all aspects of this
hobby, it has been a big help to a newbie like me.

All the best! Mike.
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