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Originally Posted by sutty View Post
I know I already posted a video of my 250 with the MB onboard, so sorry to be posting another one, but I thought it was worth showing as I think this really shows what the MB can do in the wind. It was really blowing good this weekend, but I decided I would give it a try anyway, even though it is only a 250, and I was very surprised at how well it went. Maybe if anyone is unsure it will help to demonstrate just how good the MB is at keeping things running true. I can guarantee that before the MB, which I have had on the 250 for about 3 months now, I wouldn't have dreamt of flying the 250 in wind like this. Or at least if I had tried it would have ended in tears, lol.

Hope you can see what is going on and can get a sense of how windy it was.


jeeze sutty, you fly superb mate, and u really should try flying with a small crowd. keep up the good work and you will love a 550
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