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Default New Truck Stalls Under Acceleration

I'm a heli flyer and I just got the Traxxas Revo 3.3, my first foray into nitro and cars in general.

Anyway, with the factory needle settings it would only stay running for about 2 seconds after I released the EZ-Start button. I richened the idle needle setting until it would stay running at idle, which I think is way richer than it should be. When I just let it sit and idle, it gradually gets louder and louder until it starts inching forward tiny bits. Then when I give it throttle it doesn't want to move, then it dies when I release the trigger. I can get it to move if I give it full throttle, but it still dies once I release it, and I'm not supposed to do that during break-in anyway, right?

I've tried richening the high-speed needle setting and it helps, but even with it like 3-4 full turns richer than factory settings its just not right. I looked through the Traxxas support site and the things their FAQ says could be causing it mostly don't relate to a new model (ie, bent shaft after a crash etc.).

I got this to help me decide whether I'm going to get my Trex 700 nitro or electric; I'm not very encouraged at the moment lol. Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated, if I can't get it running in the next couple hours I'm going to have to do the after-run procedure without even getting to run it.
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