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Car's are tricky to tune. SLOW tuning. 1/16th turns make a difference. Richen it a little, and turn up the idle stop screw to maintain idle. Also, is engine warmed up when you try to acellerate? They need time to warm up to operating temp. Lift car so wheels are off ground and slowly blip throttle to "clear out' engine. Cold engine will puddle fuel in crankcase at idle, even if it's lean, then you hit throttle and it gets a gulp of pure fuel and flames out. I also keep the glow igniter on for 30 seconds or so while she first fires, to help with flameouts untill warmed. No hard acellerations fr the first couple minutes too. Nitro car engines last best if they are warmed up gently before driven hard. They are a different animal than plane and Heli engines. I've beeen tuning and modifying Nitro cars for over 16 years now. They can still cause me greif at times too.
Golden rule, Adjust 1(ONE) thing at a time, and try it. give engine 30-45 seconds to adjust to the change beforfe making another change. If you change both needles at once, you can really screw yourself.

Also, To check if bottom end lean or rich, Once you do get her running, come in from a run, let her idle. She should idle high fro 7-15 seconds, then the idle should drop on it's own. The faster it drops, the richer the engine. For sport play, you want the bottom end richer. It's slower off the line, but when you chop the throttle from a WOT run, the richer mixture helps from running the enigne to lean.
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