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Originally Posted by nick_onelove View Post
When I come in from a run, the idle drops down almost immediately, it only idles high for like a second or two.
I'm wrong, I wasn't being patient enough again. It idles high for about 8 seconds before dropping to a slightly lower idle. Is that still alright? And I get what you're saying about not being able to really take off from low idle; for a while I thought something was wrong because the acceleration seemed inconsistent.

That Baja SC looks pretty cool, I was considering a short-course truck myself before I decided on the Revo. And that Inferno looks like it'd be badass if I had pavement nearby, but I live on a walnut orchard with a gravel road.

Thanks again guys, you REALLY helped me out today. I just finished my third tank, I'm almost done with break-in! Its getting dark though, time for my first after-run maintenance.
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