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Default 94809 servo failure

I bought 3 94809s from AMainHobbies in April 2010 and have used them in a Outrage G5 heli for about 30 easy to moderate flights. Today, one of them behaved abnormally and caused a nasty crash. When I was about to land one foot high, the heli flipped over towards me like I had applied full aft. elevator. The heli almost hit me and did the chicken dance in front of me. After the crash, I tested the servos with a RDS800 radio and also with a Futaba 8FG; the elevator servo just goes to one of the extremes instead of centering and stays there buzzing loudly. The other 2 servos are fine.

Now I wonder what Airtronics can do for me. The faulty servo certainly hasn't lived up to the standard I've come to expect from Airtronics...
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