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@DeviousLemur and @liftbag

you might try another type of wiring, which I ran succesfully with EA-048 and HeliMax Novus BL-conversion-kit (Heli-Max ESC - should be same as the Walkera ESC - plus 11000kv BL, sama as Walkera 11000 BL).

Please do consider: my tests so far just contain the pure electrics plugged/soldered onto mCPX''s 3in1 - have not flown that configurationl, for the motor still needs to be implanted into the frame!

Here is my wiring configuration:
  1. connect EA-048 to main motor's out on 3in1 (red wire to the side where the green mark ist on the 3in1 main's plus)
    Note: EA-048 contains two pralleled 2,2K resistors, so no need to get an extra one and direct connection to main-motor plug possible, when correclty connected
  2. only connect the signal-wire from EA-048 to ESC ( (white)!
    Just leave black and red wires unconnected as well on EA-048 as well as on the ESC (the converter's LED will not glow, but EA-048 still is operable)
  3. connect the ESC's main power leads paralleled to stock battery connector (eiiher via 2nd plug or just soldered on 3in1)
Result on my mCPX (with EA-048, HM ESC and HM BL 11000KV):
  • smooth start at about 5-6% throttle
  • full throttle-range from almost no spin to full speed
  • softstart, when started with more the 55% throttle (like stock motor)
  • no need to reverse throttle in TX

Flying tests will be done over next week, if hopefully my 9th pinions (BP doesn't sell to Germany ) arrive.


did a quick test w 12T pinion and attachted pic and video
MCP X Brushless w EA-048 HeliMax ESC and 11000kv (0 min 28 sec)
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