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Originally Posted by Souskei View Post
Hi guys!

I just have a few questions..

I got the walkera (helimax) brushless conversion ordered (the one linked in the OP)

But wanted to know if this converter would work and how to hook up would be since theres jus 1 wire and a male futaba at the other end.

(I live close to the wowhobbies warehouse and could pick it up)

Also I can't find the 9t pinion anywhere.. Anyone know where I could pick one up?
Would the stock 8 pinion work?

Thanks guys!!

Btw.. How long did shipping take everyone who got the steves converter from to get the converter?
The three pin futaba style connector is going to be power + - and signal out while the wire by itself will be signal in.
However it may not work properly as it was programmed for walkera rx signal which is vastly different to the Mcpx.
Me, I wouldn't take the gamble. It'll be heavier too.
My converter was shipped the same day and got to Aus in ten...can't complain there.

The wk003 motor has a 1.5mm shaft so the stock 1mm bore pinion won't work and there's not enough meat to drill it out unless you are a pro on a mini lathe. I buggered up one trying to hand drill it super carefully!

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