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Originally Posted by dbennettya View Post
Where did you connect the yellow wire? If you connected it to the + motor output like Tnt then you may have to add a 1.8k to 2.4k resistor across the mCP X motor + and - terminals for it to work correctly. I got this input from Steve the designer of the Steve converter. Evidently the Steve has a high input impedance and may need a pull down when connected to an open drain off a P channel FET like the mCP X + motor output. Tnt you may want to add a resistor or just connect the yellow wire to the IC output at the resistor like Jon did as it is an active signal with fairly low impedance. Steve also said that the mCP X has some voltage sensing circuitry that may need the pull down resistor to work correctly.

Once again just because it works doesn't mean it is right (an old saying of mine)

wait wait..

so tnts way isnt right?

could you please point out to right place to solder the yellow wire on the board please? (picture)
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