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Sweet..........thanks to the help of my fellow HF members I was able to get the BL conversion up and running.

Without going through all the diagnostics I did today here is the setup I used that works for my mCPx:

I am using the Helimax Novus CP kit with the Steve single converter:

Yellow to right side of resistor (not the motor connection)
Red to pos lead on board (not esc leads)
Blue to neg lead on board (not esc leads)
White to esc lead (white wire)

Red + Blk battery wires from esc to pos + neg leads on board (backside)

So yes, I have the factory white and blk wires, esc red and blk wires and converter red and blue wires all soldered to my pos and neg pads on the board.

For whatever reason the red and blk wires on my esc were not enough to send a strong steady signal to the converter so I was getting erratic loss of signal and throttle control. Also, be sure to scrape away any factory "clear coat" that may be present on the resister before soldering the yellow wire of the converter to the right side leg. You can see the clear coating as it has a sheen to it in the light and is all over the board were several of the factory solder connections are present. By removing this (I used an x-acto knife and scrapped it gently until I saw shiny metal) you will have a much better solder joint. For those guys that are using a digital solder station….use about 630 degrees.

I hope this helps someone as I was personally seconds away from adding another esc to my cart thinking it was a bad speed controller.
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