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Originally Posted by adroc3905 View Post
I cut off 8mm from each SR120 tail blade tip so as to create enough space between the tail blades and main blades. The downwash on the mains would have caused issues with the SR120 tail blades had I not done this.

My first flight:

Main blades had power. Flips, rolls, loops and inverted were MUCH easier since you no longer have to baby feather the collective. I heard very little if any bogging and I currently run my pitch travel adj at 85%. You still cannot stick bang but itís a vast improvement over stock form.

The SR120 tail mod however was disappointing. During pitch pumps it kicked out considerably and I had a piro flip that was only supposed to be a simple flip but the tail decided to spin on me. I am curious to see if the stock tail will do better but I have to think not since itís a weaker motor with smaller disc area.

I might also mention I was flying is winds that were much stronger than I would attempt in stock form.
I had try The sr120 shorter tail blade also and the tail kick out on me that's way I went with keeping the tail blade at stock length no blow outs. I am still using the extended tail boom and my main blades and tail blades don't interfere with each other.

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