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Originally Posted by adroc3905 View Post
The problem with using the SR120 tail mod and the extended boom together is that the CG is way off and with a FBL heli that creates issues during piros and inverted hovers. You would literally have to tape the lipo on the nose of the heli to even out the weight distribution if using a SR120 tail mod on an extended boom. I have the esc and the Hyperion 240's mounted in the front and the with the stock boom length the CG is perfect. If I extend my boom out by 2cm (mod length) I would have to add dead weight to the canopy to re-balance the CG of the heli. I may try going back to a stock tail setup and see if that is any better, the same or worse.....then toy with the ideal of a BL tail.

After all this $$ invested in the mCPxit would have been cheaper to go with a stock Walkera FBL BL heli with TT or belt tail. Oh well, live and learn.
I held tnt's mcpx today and the cg is only slightly off, with the esc in the front to help add a little weight. But I promise you, if you saw it fly you would see that the cg imbalance made no difference in flight. The tail was absolutely glued in place. I can't wait to do this mod.
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