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Default Which satellite should I use to get 2048 with no external receiver?


I had a crash with my 3G hardware after 3.0 firmware upgrade, and now I think it is time to try the V-BAR.

I have a JR 9303 with DSM2, I did not upgrade it to DSMX.

The heli is a Trex 600 HV (12S) with Align DS 620 servos, and Futaba BLS 251 on the tail.

I would like to use the Fullsize V-Bar, without a JR receiver, in a 2048 resolution.

Is this possible? Which satellite should I use, considering:

There is a need for upgrading the version to 5.1? Or the 5.0 express has the 2048 resolution?

I'm not a Pro pilot, only basic 3D flying.

Since I'm using 9303, I believe there is no benefit in running 2048 resolution, should I used the satellites I already have, (non DSMX) and stick to the 1024 resolution, and save some money?

Thanks a lot!

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