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Default DX7 Hanging strap mod

I didn't come up with this but I'm documenting it here for everyone.
Considering it cost less than $2 it's not bad. It's not pretty but the job is done.

The DX7 has an issue of not hanging level due to the position of the lanyard loop on the radio. A simple solution that will not damage the radio is to purchase a 1/4 inch bolt with an eye on the end that's 1 1/2 inches long on the bolt (2 1/2 inches over all with the loop). I used a regular nut on the inside and a teflon locking nut on the outside. If I wanted to adjust it I'd need to shorten the bolt slightly but this is easily done with a hacksaw and a file. Personally I found the eye bolt at Lowes and didn't need to do anything to it. I wanted a small flat washer but couldn't find one with the OD small enough.

Below are the pictures.
edit: I'll retake picture #3 tomorrow..
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