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I would like to let you guys know. On my T-Rex 500, yesterday I switched over from FM2 to FM4. The heli now flies a bit more stable and I like it very much! Although I think the difference is much greater but I have only flown two flights with FM4.

As some of you guys probably know in the beginning I had some problems with the flight charactiristics with the CGY750 on my T-Rex 500. The roll rates and such where insane. I really needed to switch FM2 and also changed my ANG.Rate (advanced menu) for ALE and AIL to 90% to make it less nimble. Before that is was way to twitchy for me.

What did I do to improve this.
  • I updated to firmware v1.1.
  • I changed my Align blades to EDGE flybarless blades
  • I lowered the EXPO to -25% (in FM2 from -40% / in FM4 from -30%)
  • I lowered the ANG.Rate to 90% (in FM2) and 85% (in FM4)
That's actually it. No other tweaking at all. The only weird thing is. When I flew in FM4 for the first time with firmware v1.0 the roll rates where sooooo insane. I don't have that in FM4 now. Althoug I in the meanwile I changed the ANG.Rate to 85% and use EDGE blades.

With hard pitch pumps. The heli does not go straight up and down. Like AIL on one side is a bit to late. My T-Rex 550 also has this behavior, but not that noticable. I don't mind.
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