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That did the trick, that's RedOctobyr ! No bullet blades. The 1 you slice and use on the rear servo is tricky to install. I stuck it on the edge of a small piece of scotch tape and press/started it on with a small screwdriver. I did see that mod post earlier in my travels here on HF, but wasn't sure if it applied to me because this was a "right out of the box" issue...
Oh, after 6 crashes into the walls (still working on the trim out in a small house), it started again, but that was quickly diagnosed as a lose main shaft. The Main Gear had developed some gap from its proper seating. I pushed it back in for zero play and was good to go again!
Just FYI, you shouldn't trim anything except pitch (to hit 0 pitch exactly at mid-stick) on this heli due to the FBL system.
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