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Originally Posted by GunJam View Post
Not bad Greg!

Spotters are always helpful as well to warn the pilot of approaching, cars, idiot adults or whatever else happens to wander into the kill zone.

Good job
Nice job and a great thread!
I love having my bro with me for that reason! He lets me know when a car enters the park, " we go flying around 6:45 am" so usually joggers only, but every now and again ya get that guy who doesn't understand that by walking up on ya and shouting, " Hey man that's cool, is it electric, how long does it last, man it's out there a ways! That it freaks me out,. I just wanna say shut up till I land! I need to join a good air field club..
But I do stress insurance. I will be getting insured by months end! Again, nice thread!
Happy flying ....Brad
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