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I don't yet have the conversion kit so I haven't started the build thread yet.

however if the tank is fairly stiff I will again use my proven method of 4 connections using fittings, one to feed the carb, one using a one-way vent valve, one as a primer return and a 4th as a fill tube.

The main issue I have with putting the "fill tube" on the bottom is that it effectively becomes only a "defuel" tube because when you remove the plug, fuel is going to pour out of the tube unless you clamp it. So you still wind up using one of the other tubes to fill with. Its one more issue to deal with.

I tend to run all the fuel out OR pull the feed tube off the carb and pump it out as thats the easiest thing to do. So I run the fill tube on the top for simplicity. So far I've never needed to defuel the model with it inverted!

Of course this can be done any number of ways, I can virtually guarantee you what I posted will work every time.
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