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Default Tail lovin' action...

KDE Team, Thanks for the Excellent and, might I say, Lightning fast customer service when I had a damaged component in the V1 kit and for the technical help your team gave when Installing it on my lil' machine. (Finless, you and I must have gotten the kit at the same time, so your videos were not there for me to watch, sadly.)
I have since flown the machine and the "Flying Roto-Tiller" has not only lost its slop in the linkages, but the best part is the complete and utter loss of tail wag that I was having from the stock set-up.
Thanks KDE.

Finless and the Heli-Freak Team, The videos are excellent and straight to the point (in detail) and in a very layman's description for ease of understanding. Thanks for your hard work (Like something that you love to do is considered hard work...But...) and effort to help all of us that strive to enjoy this hobby to its fullest.
Thanks Finless.

Have one more thing for the KDE team.
What do you think the difficulty would be to change a few of the components to "flip" the rotor from the right side to the left side for scale fuselage applications? (i.e. Bell 222 or Bell 430) I don't think that I would trust anything less on a high end project than the quality that I have seen from your crew.
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