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My 3-in-1 pooped out on me yesterday. I had already converted the receiver to an AR6100, so the failed 3-in-1's only real job was as speed controller for the tail motor. Rather than paying $45 something for a new one, I just picked up a little GWS speed controller to replace it with. I wired everything up, and actually much to my surprise, it worked just fine!

My only problem is once the tail motor ESC arms (it appears I have to give full left rudder to show the ESC 0 input before arming) my G90 starts trying to move the tail gradually more and more to the left. If I just let the heli sit there at 0 throttle, the tail will eventually start rotating to the left all on it's own! So while everything works fine in air, it's a bit awkward on the ground. I have to hold left rudder to be able to stop the tail and unplug the heli when I'm done flying. :? I've tried trimming the rudder, and that will stop the movement on the ground, but then I have to counter the trim when in the air. Setting the G90 to HH or not doesn't seem to matter either.

Just curious if I'm missing something here? The stock 3-in-1 must have used it's main throttle input to counter this behavior? Hey, can I use Revo mixing to fix this! Hmm, did I just answer my own question?
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