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Originally Posted by Larry227 View Post
I once reversed the throttle channel on a Blade 400 when it was powered up at low stick. Boy did I get that pack unplugged fast.
I have done this one was a brand new,never powered on before 450 and it ended in a rekit

Originally Posted by nightflyr View Post
Powered up my Rx with the main blades still in the holder ......never do that again
Done this one a few times

Originally Posted by banditpowdercoat View Post
That link is supposed to mean what? Pretty much every one of those incident's is where someone screwed up. Ya you screw up, there are consequences. I make it a personal philosophy to make sure I know what I am doing and do not screw up. If I screw up in my job, Someone could easily get killed. But that said, I am far from infallable. But I am not going to treat Lipo's like they are Nitro Glycerin or TNT. Am I carefull, and monitor/check my packs allways. Yes I do/am. When I go to work fro 3 weeks, my extra packs are all stored in my Powdercoat oven, just in case too.

One of the last people hurt by a lipo blowing up this year was Curtis Youngblood.
Maybe he didn't know what he was doing?

Lipos burn or blow up sometimes.That's inevitable.
It will happen today somewhere and it will happen to a pro again soon.

They aren't all ticking time bombs but they all have the potential to be.
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