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ok i got one for ya, on my logo 600 and vbar, my tail is soft, mushy is the best way to describe it i put my gain over a 100 to 105 it stops solid, in the any thing lower it just starts getting mushy again now on fff or if i kick the out to left say 30 degress it get a severe wag, as i decrease main another 15 to 20 points it will go away, if i leave the gain high and just piroette to the left not stopping going in to the wind, it is fine
my complaint with vbar is
tail is not solid
and wags when the tail steps out to left or when it loads to the left, even if im just doing stationary piroettes, and u go straight to center, tail does not stop solid
best way to describe its coasting to a stop

i have done the compinsation, and i have went up on the stop gains but no help
what else to do
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