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I have a Trex550 which basically has a 600 head but you have tilted geometry corrected servos.

Do all pitch tests in the related setup mode only.
Thats how you could adjust a Flybar heli but NOT a Flybarless heli using Vbar. All of the great features of the DX8 are basically thrown away because that's moved into the vbar. I Moved the servo ball links to the inner most ones using metal align servo horns. If you didn't do that you would get 70 at best. I was flying my 550 at 70 & it worked ok but i would take the advice from MrMel & keep it above 80. I doubt you would ever pop a link off because the vbar most likely wont let it go that far. The reason being is that it will look at the sensor roll/flip rate vs your agility slider value vs your stick input & roll the heli at x rate. As a VERY rough guess less than 8 degrees max as a heli without a flybar is uncontrollably quick.

In setup they do bind at full collective then pushing full elevator etc but don't worry you will never reach that in flight. The guy who popped the link off is probably one person in the world who has done it & doing something very wild (a video of it happening would be nice). I guess see if you can get a link to pop off i bet your servos will screaming to do it. So to sum up its possible to reach binding with the gyro out of the control loop (e.g sitting on bench or in setup mode) but not realistically possible in flight.
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