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First, to enable TH, go to F-MODE SETUP and assign the TH switch to TH.

Now: TH does not disable your ESC. What happens when you flip the TH switch is that the transmitter will use the TH throttle and pitch curves for sending THR/PIT signals to the receiver.

The DX-8 allows you to decide which one of 4 SETS OF THR/PIT CURVES will be used in determining what THR/PIT values are being transmitted.
3 of these sets you select by flipping the F-mode switch (Norm, IU1 and IU2)
The 4th set is the TH set and by flipping the TH switch to 1 (on), this set overrides any set choosen with the f-mode switch.

By having a flat 0 throttle curve for TH (set up in the throttle curve menu), the tx will send a 0 (no throttle) for all stick positions. DO NOT alter these all-zero values as that will void any reason to use TH in the first place.
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