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Default 2 Pack Special ;p

Why would you isolate the 2 Battery packs? It seems like a parallel connection or 2s with a lower potential amperage output, to avoid burning up the esc and 3in one, would be more suitable given the setup. Also I have found that the SR tail motor pulls a lot more amps than dual stock or mcpx tail motors. Probably because the Sr tail motor never reaches a high enough RPM to be efficient. Perhaps running a smaller tail rotor with the SR tail motor would produce a lower amperage draw? Another thing I would like to point out is that I have had much better throttle curve, flight time, and overall response by tapping the signal from the resistor just under the fet on the back of the main board. I will post scope graph when I get home and shoe you the difference. Plus you are not running a resistor on one speed controller to get the voltage down just to pass it to another ESC. Just a few thoughts.

**Bad Erse little Copter like your work!
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