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Originally Posted by cheddah View Post
Same issues are reported previously. Bushing was very tight and I had enough binding problems that I went back to stock parts.
I'm installing mine now.

The flanged bearings go together nicely into the KDE links and don't bind at all, even after the Allen screw is snugged up properly on the tail rotor grips.

When I first installed it, the slider would bind. Under magnification it could be seen how the links weren't lining up with the gap in the slider where the link and brass bushing is supposed to fit.

If you look really closely at the link, the link isn't symmetrical. The side that bolts to the tail rotor blade grip (and has the flanged bearings) is slightly higher than the side that screws onto the slider (and has the brass bushing).

If the link is installed "upside down", the parts will not align properly and will bind.

So if yours binds, then try flipping the link the other way around.

The "higher" side of the link should be against the blade grip, and not against the head of the Allen bolt.

With the link properly oriented, you should be able to snug up the screw and bolt normally and nothing should bind.

Hope this helps.
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