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Default Spektrum DX8 Intructional Videos

OK so I have had my DX8 since June of this year. I am enjoying the radio so far and have had no troubles at all. Since this time I have been slowly doing videos on the DX8 so these will come out every few weeks. Horizon also wants to review them for accuracy so this adds a little time. Not a big deal and in fact they helped me with knowing about a software update I did not know about

Anyway on with the videos!

Video Link ->What's in the box and radio overview (60 Megs)

Video Link ->Menus & Navigation (44 Megs)

Video Link ->System Menus Part 1 (38 Megs)

Video Link ->System Menus Part 2 (58 Megs)

Video Link ->System Menus Part 3 (60 Megs)

Video Link ->System Menus Part 4 (77 Megs)

Notes on this video! This is Stick Mode change and Stick Calibration. However this was shot with the OLD version of software version 2.01! I will have a new video showing how to upgrade the DX8 software and the new stick calibration routine under 2.03 Beta. Stay tuned:
Video Link ->Stick Mode Change and Stick Calibration (84 Megs)

Stay tuned more to come!


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