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Default Ok everyone put or heads together........QUICKIE 18

OK Irwin and Jon and anyone else that wants to join in, I found a new NOS toki 18, I got 3 good flights on her, and tomorrow I will fly again, but here’s the thing....she is under powered and I do know where to get 1 more toki 18 motor, just in case, now QWW has a conversion kit, (I have to save up for it,) a .25fx and I’ve been doing some investigating, and I found the info below, the critical dimensions are the same, SO! why cant I use the 32 SX-H which is a heli motor and it pulls my rappy around great and it idles and runs smooth, I would rather the 32 than the 25....Just an idea, I actually took my 32 out of the rappy, an it fits good, if I could mod clutch and bearing block, motor mount, I wouldn’t even need the frame...???I know,.. Just an idea..
Let me know what you think

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