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Originally Posted by questerng View Post
a bit of update on the UH-1D

Initially I did what I did with my snowwolf.. using the hinges.. but scrap that for this..

I epoxy it on to the kit.. very strong magnet.. after epoxying them on then realise you can actually save one side.. and just use scrap metal.. well.. It's very tight with both sides magnet..


I did though about the apache.. But I think the 1/72 scale is too small.. I'm Not sure.. haven't got one to try..

But the look of it.. It's frame is smaller the the airwolf 1/48 scale.. I had to hack quite a lot off my airwolf to fit..

You could look at my airwolf build and have a gauge on it to see if it will fit..

looking good Questerng!
we get enough of these built and we can do a re-enactment of Apocalypse Now as they are coming in with Wagner blaring out the loud speakers!!!
Mine is gutted right now for maintenance issues but I did finally get the graphics I wanted for it...

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